If you’ve been to a home where the TV is mounted to the wall, you’ve no doubt noticed the clean lines, extra room and comfortable viewing positioning. There are many reasons people are mounting TV’s to their walls these days and it’s not always about the look of the room when you see a nice big 60 inch flatscreen mounted on the wall.

Here at Rockhampton TV Antennas, we get loads of questions about TV wall mounts, how they work, what they cost, if they’re adjustable, etc so we’ve decided to put together a blog post that answers all the questions we’ve been asked over the years and all the questions about TV wall mounts we could think of to try and help you decide if it’s a job you can handle yourself, or something you might need to call a TV wall mount installer like us to complete for you.

Before we get into all the questions about wall mounts, we thought we might give you a few reasons to seriously consider having one or more TVs in your home mounted to the walls.

You get more space in your lounge room
Having your TV mounted to a wall gets rid of that old TV cabinet that takes up a bunch of room in your lounge room. If you actually measure your TV cabinet, you will be surprised at how much room they actually take up, particularly if there’s loads of DVDs (or VHS…  remember those!) and other paraphernalia like board games, old remotes, Playstations, etc.

It’s safer if you’ve got little kids
This is a big one and if you’ve heard the horror stories about little kids pulling heavy TVs or whole cabinets onto themselves, you’ll completely understand why some parents want their TV mounted to the wall (plus it’s harder to smoosh a peanut butter sandwich into the TV if it’s up on the wall!).

It’s a more comfortable position to watch TV in
This is certainly a major consideration for anyone that’s got neck or shoulder problems. Having your television mounted to your wall in the correct position will not only help with your posture but it can help to alleviate any neck or shoulder problems that may be caused by sitting for extended periods in the same, incorrect position watching a movie (this gets exaggerated when binging on Netflix series).

It just looks better
If you take before and after photos of your TV wall mount I can guarantee you that 99% of people will say the wall mount photo looks a million times better than the one with the cluttered tv cabinet. The sleek lines and space you get with a flatscreen TV mounted to the wall is pretty hard to beat.

OK… now that we’ve outlined the benefits of mounting your tele to the wall in your lounge room, let’s get onto the questions people ask about wall mounts and our answers for them.

Questions about TV Wall Mounts

Can TV wall mounts be mounted drywall?
All homes will have some type of stud or noggin behind the drywall of your loungeroom. It’s advised that mounts be fastened to the studs, not just the drywall. If the only place you have access to is drywall, there’s a chance your TV might pull itself off the wall, particularly if you have a larger TV that weighs more.

Can you reuse TV wall mount?
Well, this really depends on what you mean by reuse. If you’ve got another television you would like to use for your old mount for or you’re changing living rooms and televisions, this will really depend on the type of wall mount and television you have. Some wall mounts are ‘universal’ in that they work with a wide range of television brands and sizes, other mounts are specific to a particular make, model or brand, so the answer to that question is, ‘it depends’.

Now if you’re talking about re-purposing your TV wall mount we’ve heard of people making overhead camera mounts, monitor mounts and even parts for sculptures or DIY robots, etc.

Where do you buy a TV wall mount?
That’s easy! We can take care of the purchase and installation of your wall mount, all you need to do is call us on (07) 4927 4037 and we can give you a price to installation and setup. Easy Peasy. Now if you’re one of those DIY types, you can get wall mounts from a range of different places such as JB HiFi, Harvey Norman or most other retailers that sell electronics.

Where should I put my TV wall mount?
The obvious answer to this is where you watch the most TV. In 99% of houses, that’s in the living area or lounge room but this could also be the kitchen or another room like a kid’s playroom or home office.

If your television is for watching movies and TV shows, then you will want to have it mounted to your eye level which is about in the centre of the screen. This will depend on a few things, like the height of your lounge chairs, if you have a sunken lounge room, how tall you are, etc. Here at Rockhampton TV Antennas, we take all this into account to give you the best wall mount installation for your entire family.

Does a TV wall mount need a stud?
Yes, it’s recommended that you install a TV wall mount into a stud. There are not many options if all you have is drywall to install your TV wall mount onto. Most homes will have a stud somewhere in the wall to mount your TV. If you’re concerned at all, give us a call and we can give you some advice.

Which TV wall mount is best?
This question about TV wall mounts is simple to answer. The one that’s the best match for your room, budget and television. If you’re not sure about which TV mount to purchase, give us a call and we can run you through the range of options we have available and see if they match with what you’re after.

Are TV wall mounts universal?
No. Not all TV wall mounts are universal. There are several brands of wall mounts that will only work with specific brands or sizes of televisions so if you’re going to purchase a wall mount for your tele, you will need to know the size, brand and model number of to make sure you can match it to a TV mount.

Are TV wall mounts safe?
Yes, but only if they’re mounted properly. If you only mount your TV bracket into the drywall, use the incorrect screws or don’t install it properly, then there could be potential issues form the TV falling off the mount to it ripping chunks out of your wall and taking the entire mount with it.

Are TV wall mounts interchangeable?
This will really depend on the type of television and mount you have. For example, if you purchase a television from Kogan, many of their wall mounts are interchangeable with their televisions. If for example, you have another brand of television and a wall mount that you’ve purchased for that brand, you may not be able to purchase another brand of TV and just change it over on your existing wall mount.

Before any purchase, it’s worth getting as much detail about your new television as possible (size, model number, make, brand, etc) and find out if your current TV mount will be able to be used. If you’re not sure, feel free to give us a call and we can help you out as much as possible.  

Are TV wall mounts considered fixtures?
This question comes about mainly when people are buying or selling homes with TV wall mounts. It’s understandable if you’ve invested some decent money in a good quality wall mount, you may not want to leave it on the wall when you move house. From what we’ve heard from multiple real estate agents, wall mounts are considered fixtures but televisions are not. So if you’re selling your home, it’s likely the real estate agent will expect the wall mount to be part of the sale.

Are TV wall mounts easy to install?
This is another answer that ends with ‘it depends’ and overall, it really depends on how handy you are. If you’re the kind of person that freaks out at using a drill or doesn’t know a Phillips head from a flat screwdriver, it’s likely you’re going to have issues installing a TV wall mount yourself. If however you know how to swing a hammer and you’ve done your fair share of home handyman work, then it should be a pretty straight forward process for you. If you’re in doubt about your abilities, it’s always better to call a professional.

As you can see we get quite a few different questions about TV wall mounts and installation. I’m sure there are loads of other questions that people want to know the answers to and if we haven’t answered a question you have about mounting your television to the wall, feel free to call us on (07) 4927 4037 and we would be happy to chat with you.